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David Douglas-Mort

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Rowan Douglas-Mort

David Douglas-Mort (DO, BA, PGDip OCF, FSCCO(Ed)

David qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1976, and set up in practice with Rowan. A strong interest in Sutherland’s cranial sacral approach to treatment led to specialisation in this subject, and after study in USA he has taught at both Postgraduate (on Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation courses) and Undergraduate (BSO) level from 1985 to date. Honiton Osteopathic centre was opened by David and Rowan in 1982.

(In 2020 feeling a need to concentrate more on developing Sutherland’s cranial sacral approach to treatment the practice in Honiton is now renamed and has become the DOUGLAS-MORT practice offering Sutherland’s approach to treatment with other gentle release techniques and supportive therapy and advice designed to help patient recovery.)

Whilst teaching and practising, he gained a BA in behavioural science from the Open University, and in 2005 was presented with a PG Dip OCF from the BSO. The latter is the highest clinical award in Cranial Osteopathy in Europe, and the research carried out for this will hopefully lead to several published papers.

In 2007 David was invited to become a teaching member of the Sutherland Cranial College [MSCC], this award has now become FSCCO[Ed] . This organisation is dedicated to providing an organised pathway for post graduate training of qualified osteopaths wishing to learn the extra skills required to practice Sutherland’s cranial sacral approach.

Playtime (When time allows) consists of looking after the horses, surfing, chugging around the country in an old motorcaravan, restoring a 16th century farm, restoring old Bentleys, and practicing Jodo and Iaido (representing GB in European competition).

Rowan Douglas-Mort (DO, BA, PGDip OCF, FSCCO(Ed), POD)

Rowan first became interested in training to become an Osteopath after her mother received beneficial treatment for an excrutiating neck problem that orthodox medicine could not help, but Osteopathy did. Her initial desire was to study to become a vet, but Osteopathy became the final choice, and in 1972 she enroled as a student at the ‘British School of Osteopathy’ on their 4yr full time course graduating in 1976 with a D.O. in Osteopathy. It was here that she met her partner David

The course covered in depth many similar topics to medicine and additionally included training in the specialist ‘hands-on’ palpation skills needed for the Osteopathic diagnosis and treatment process.

In the final years of her training Rowan started to study Cranial Osteopathy, the brain child of Osteopath Dr William G Sutherland. This involved learning detailed anatomy and the extremely refined techniques used in this approach. Since 1974 the development of her own understanding of, and the teaching of others Sutherland’s cranial sacral approach has been a major part in her life.

Additionally whilst in practice, she studied with the Open University, and in 1984 obtained a B.A. degree in behavioural science.
Throughout this period Rowan has worked closely alongside her partner David Douglas-Mort, and as senior members of the British School of Osteopathy post graduate teaching faculty, has played a major part in developing courses in Sutherland’s cranial sacral approach to university validated MSc level.

These courses enable the training of postgraduate qualified Osteopaths in the use of Sutherland’s work applied to patients of all ages with all manner of acute or age related problems, including the treatment of ear nose throat and dental related conditions. Rowan is also involved in the training of Osteopaths to treat the common conditions suffered by infants, children and adolescents utilising this gentle treatment approach.

In 2007 Rowan was also invited to become a teaching member of the ‘Sutherland Cranial College’ [MSCC], now FSCCO[ED]. This college is an additional educational body that provides a stringent pathway of training for postgraduate osteopaths wishing to learn to become profficient in the extra skills needed to practice Sutherland’s work.

Other areas of interest have included the study of radionics, iridology, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and nutrition.

In 2001 Rowan [accompanied by David] visted Japan as honourary Osteopaths, taking care of the G.B. Iaido and Jodo Martial Arts team at the first International seminar and competition held in Kyoto.

In autumn 2005 Rowan was presented with the P.G. Dip in Cranial Osteopathy by the Princess Royal, the patron of the British School of Osteopathy. This is currently the highest externally validated clinical award in cranial osteopathy. It represented many hours of work including the completion of a research project within the field of cranial osteopathy and presentation of the resulting thesis. It is hoped to continue with further research, although absence of funding makes this difficult and protracted.

Currently Rowan is undertaking a long term project involving the development and extension of Cranial sacral treatment for animals. Over the last 44 years, with David’s help, she has been adapting and finessing the successful techniques used to treat humans, for the treatment of animals.

This work represents an exciting and interesting challenge; it involves understanding the anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychology and nature of the animal according to its species. This knowledge is then married with the principles of Osteopathy in order to provide a suitable approach to treatment for the animal patient.

Together with David, Rowan has run several post-graduate EQUINE CRANIAL OSTEOPATHY TREATMENT courses to assist qualified osteopaths who want to develop animal treatment skills; with a particular emphasis on utilising behavioural approaches and Osteopathic skills in order to make treatment as pleasant for the patient, and as safe for the clinician as possible.

In 2019 Rowan finished a Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma with the Sutherland Cranial College, she is now part of the SCCO faculty for paediatric studies.

in 2020 David and Rowan decided to change Honiton Osteopathic Centre to the HONITON DOUGLAS-MORT PRACTICE and voluntarily resign from the GOSC in order to be able to focus more on the exciting development of their skills as Sutherland cranial sacral practitioners.

When not at work most time is spent with their her own animals, maintaining the pasture and hedges, gardening, studying and researching, and for relaxation, taking breaks in the motorcaravan with David, surfing, walking, and practicing martial arts.