The following case history is descriptive only and is not indicative that we claim to have ‘cured’ the patient.

A lady of 30yrs old, came to us with worsening migraine headaches, and fertility problems. When asked, she recalled that her mother complained of her being a difficult birth. She remembers having bad ear-aches as a child, and as an adolescent she remembers feeling depressed, moody and starting her headaches roughly at the same time as her periods- which were painful and irregular. At college she suffered a lot of neck and shoulder pain, and now her low back was playing up. Apart from being a difficult birth, the only other trauma she recalled was a bad fall down some stone steps when she was about 9yrs old, this hurt a lot at the time.

In brief, when I gently examined her, I found what felt to me like chronic tensions at the top of her neck and her sacrum and lower part of her spine.

This unfortunate lady’s history is typical of some of the cases that we deal with every day in our practice. 

This case illustrates that unresolved problems from the past can persist and may cause problems in the present day.

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