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From the age of about 35yrs+ old it is generally recognised that our bodies start to make definite progressive changes related to the ageing process. Our hormone balance, particularly in women, but also in men, begins to change, with a reduction in the sex hormones, and an altered balance in other hormones. This can affect our mood, perception of pain, and general mental and emotional state.

Normally these changes are gradual, and many people hardly notice that their body function is subtly beginning to alter. Along with the hormone balance shift occurs changes in the composition and properties of our body tissues, including the connective tissue, which is responsible for holding our structure together. As a result of this our tissues become stiffer and less resilient; a familiar example of this is the onset of early morning stiffness, another is changes in the lens of the eye occurring in ones 40’s, where the lens becomes too stiff, no longer allowing one to focus close up, we then need reading glasses to see the newspaper. Our hearing also changes, becoming less sharp at higher frequencies, and irritatingly making load noises and social gatherings seem painful, but often missing soft voices and whispers! 

As a result of the reduction in resiliency of our bodies we no longer have so much ‘bounce’ in our structures when we become ill or are involved in accidents and injuries, so it takes longer for them to heal. This is the time also, when any old injuries that were not fully resolved as they occurred, may catch up with you and start to cause trouble and pain, because the gradual stiffening process in the connective tissues of the body, reveals the underlying damage. Often also, at this time, some of us become more prone to tendonitis and inflammatory reactions in our joints and connective tissues e.g. polymyalgia. We may also begin to experience ‘wear and tear’ changes in our joints, sometimes symptoms here may be quite mild, but often patients report that these areas become ‘flared up’ perhaps by extra activities, strains and twists, and travelling etc causing pain concern and anxiety.  

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As this is a time of our lives when we are often at our busiest and most creative, and for some people it is also the first time they have any inklings of aches and pains, it therefore can be a somewhat vulnerable and worrying time. Depression and mood swings are quite common at this time, along with the physical aches and pains, as is tinnitus and migraine.

Here at ‘The Douglas-Mort Practice’ we are often consulted by patients who find that these symptoms can frequently be accompanied with a feeling of seizing-up in certain parts of the body’s structure, as well as to the natural ageing process.

Ageing is an inevitable part of life but with suitable help and support that quality of life may be enhanced.