NB. All information here and in the following pages is purely descriptive relating to our lifelong experience as wholistic practitioners in the service of our patients. As per the ASA rules because we do not have access to double blind trials and ‘gold standard’ proof, it makes NO claims that we have ‘cured’ any patient

Our bodies are arguably subjected to many physical and mental stresses and strains throughout our lives. Some can be due to living environment, work / school, relationships, diet, exercise, and even genetic inheritance. Traits affecting our temperament type are also increasingly being seen as an important factor in governing how we respond to life’s challenges.

Other stresses and strains can occur as a result of accidents, impact injuries, ‘repetitive strain injuries’, poor posture, ‘whole body vibration’ micro-trauma from long hours travelling or operating machinery, overdoing things when unfit, illness and surgery, childbirth and delivery to name but a few from a seemingly endless list.

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