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As the years go by our bodies go through natural ‘age related changes’. This process happens gradually throughout our lives, and causes the substance that our bodies are made of to become progressively stiffer and weaker with time with our bones becoming less dense. Gradually the cushioning discs in our spine become thinner as does the cartilage in our other joints; this can cause our nerves to become irrtated more easily and our joints and muscles more likely to react to overdoing things and slight strains, sensible exercise and good posture is essential here. Our digestive system and other internal organs also can become less efficient and robust placing a greater emphasis on lifestyle and what we eat. The rate at which we heal after accident, injury and surgery, also slows, and this may mean that we need more assistance and a longer period of recovery to get back to normal.

In advanced cases, this may mean that we do not always fully recover our strength, health and mobility after illness, surgery or trauma. Often complicating the process relating to the natural ageing, there may be the effects of old unresolved trauma in our body. This may relate to injuries that occurred often many years ago, sometimes these injuries may have caused discomfort since their occurrence, but often they may have seemed initially to resolve, especially if they happened when the persons body was still relatively elastic as in the young and fit.

On a positive note, this is a time of life when one has usually developed a large reserve of wisdom, experience, and dare I say it, cunning!

Whilst attending ‘The Douglas-Mort Practice’ for treatment cannot find you a new body and does not claim to, patients have traditionally over many decades sought our assistance to help them with the wearisome symptoms of age related discomfort and and stresses and strains.

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